Saturday, May 26, 2007

Is the Middle East Ready to Explode?

With strife among Muslim militant factions increasing and the CIA in there to stir up the hornet's nest I believe we will witness an attack on Iran (and Syria possibly) very soon. High level administration officials will get the Sunni dictatorships to go along with it as it is their vested interests to do so and we may be seeing its start with the current military incursions into Shiite strongholds in Iraq targeting Muqtada Al Sadr and the Mahdi Army.
In the Palestinian Territories armed factions are in conflict despite the recent truce agreed to at Sharm El-Sheikh and it signals a gathering storm that may lead to a Shia-Sunni proxy war which the globalist puppeteers are carefully nurturing to bring about the "Clash of Civilizations." Right now in the territories Hamas and Fatah (The Palestinian Authority) are in a battle for control over Gaza which may spread to the West Bank and since the PA are recipients of U.S. money and arms there is likely to be a continuation and escalation of the internal conflicts there. Israel, recognizing the deep divisions among the competing organizations are taking advantage of the strife by conducting bombing raids over known Hamas rocket launching sites and capturing Hamas and Jihad Islami leaders.

In Lebanon there are several competing organizations among the Sunnis and most of them are funded by Syria. A new faction Fatah-Al-Islam is seeking to exploit the unstable situation there and is believed to be the perpetrators of the recent bombings in an upper-class Sunni district in Beirut and the Lebanese Army has been shelling their base of operations on their northern border with Syria. Hezbollah meanwhile, funded and trained by Iran is seeking to let these Sunni factions do the fighting for them while they re-arm and position themselves for political dominance in the Lebanese government for the coming September elections.

As far as Iraq goes, there are many groups who are vying for control of the provinces and though they are deeply divided, both the Sunni and Shia militants’ main goal is to get the coalition forces out so they can finish the battle as to how Iraq is to be governed. In this case too, the major players in the region are pulling the strings as to how to control Iraq’s future and how to divide up the country’s resources. With that, there are several major groups in Parliament who are not very willing to compromise to create a stable Iraq and are mainly there to push their own positions. Corruption is of course, rampant and much of the government’s largess is diverted to the politicians themselves and not directed to where it’s supposed to go, to those they are supposed to represent.

If there is a regional Sunni-Shia war, it will most likely be precipitated by an attack on Iran by coalition forces with the tacit support of repressive Sunni Arab states that have an interest in maintaining their power. This would forge an alliance among the fractious Muslim sub-groups who will side either with the oil sheikhs and Egypt or with Iran and Syria in a vastly wider conflict than we now see in the region. Any spark could set it ablaze with the possibility that WMD’s will be used by one side or the other, a very frightening proposition. Ron Paul, I believe is wise in advising that we disengage now from this possible scenario since it will tend to unite those militant groups now fighting amongst themselves throughout the Middle East. This is fundamentally a conflict between two rival Islamic sects and if we further inject ourselves into this fight there is no telling what we are in for. Certainly given our track record in occupying Iraq, we are likely to continue to lose more lives, treasure and respect which will pave the way for a global government and the ensuing diminution of our liberty here at home.