Monday, February 12, 2007

9/11 Truth, The Basis for Fighting an Administration Run Amok

When the Trade Towers and the Pentagon were attacked some 6 years ago the American people and those of other countries were thrust into the reality of a world gone mad and our government was quick to respond to the new mind set with the Patriot Act in which anyone's personal records could be searched without probable cause or warrant and without that person knowing about it. All the Justice Department needed to do was to claim the search was based upon a suspicion of terrorism. Since then the Congress recently passed the Military Commissions Act signed into law in 2006 which among other indignities has abolished the right of habaeus corpus so that anybody deemed a terrorist can be held indefinitely and tried as an enemy combatant. Most people don't worry about it much. They know they are loyal to the Republic but they also don't realize that given another 9/11 style event, they could easily be hauled away for any reason whatsoever including from information gathered through data mining made implicitly legal by the previous Patriot Act legislation.

The official account of the September 11 events left out a good deal of testimony from many witnesses during the Commission hearings mostly due to editing by its director, Philip Zelikow, uncovered in a very well done documentary called '9/11, Press for Truth.' In it four women known as 'The Jersey Girls' who lost loved ones in the collapse of the Towers pointed to the stonewalling of the Bush administration and its resistance to releasing documents relevant to the hearings. After the release of the Commission Report it was evident that these women were very upset that the administration was covering up major facts in order to place blame for the attacks purely on a small number of Arab terrorists who sliced through the foundations of our society with a few box cutters. In 'Press for Truth' one can feel the disillusionment these women felt after the Commission Report was published.

Many good 9/11 documentaries chronicle the sequence of events before, during and after the hijackings and there are many, many incriminating details fleshed out in each of them. Most of them can be seen on Google Video or YouTube and are exacting in detail and scholarly presented so I would encourage anyone interested to check them out. It's hard to face the possibility that our government could be deceiving us because it is painful, but people have to know which way the winds of politics are blowing. Without knowing what really happened leading up to 9/11 our understanding of it becomes skewed toward trusting a government whose policies are based on lies and cooked evidence. It really isn't that far-fetched that a shadow government could exist and that it could hold the interests of war profiteers over American citizens but if we don't delve into the subject at least in some depth there is a danger that we are building our political conclusions on the shifting sands of false assumptions. That danger is plainly this - another 9/11 style event could take place to get us into a larger war for Middle East oil and the possibility of a nuclear confrontation with Russia or China over those resources.

The Bush administration is gearing up again in the Persian Gulf with carrier battle groups with thousands of troops and huge arsenals of weaponry. Now that doesn't seem like just like a little arm twisting to get Iran to give up their nuclear program. It seems more like a preparation for some kind of attack on it in the near future, especially since Admiral William Fallon has been appointed commander of U.S. forces in the region. The ground war has been a failure. Everyone knows that but we still have those bunker busters just waiting to be launched at Iranian strategic targets. Maybe Bush thinks this is the next and last opportunity for a military win, and with the permanent bases we have in Iraq, a strike on Iran might position us well for strategic dominance throughout the Middle East.

Let's not kid ourselves. The neocons at the very least used 9/11 to get us into a war and most likely had a hand in it through special ops. This strategy is nothing new. Hoodwinking the citizenry through false-flag operations has been done before. The Gulf of Tonkin incident is a good example because it was cooked up Washington. The North Vietnamese never fired on U.S. warships according to James Stockdale, the Navy aviator who was later downed by enemy fire and spent eight years in a P.O.W. camp (he also ran as Ross Perot's running mate in 1992).

The Democrats promise a 'change of direction'. God, I'm so sick of hearing that! If there is any change, it won't be of much significance since both parties are run by the same corporate criminals! Don't trust the government solely because we want to be patriotic. We swear allegiance to America the nation, not to America the government. The government is answerable to Americans, not the other way around and when it runs afoul of the people, the people are responsible for bringing it back in line with the Constitution. 9/11 was a turning point and also a wake up call to the rising of a tyrannical state. By understanding the true events surrounding 9/11 we will find ourselves on solid ground and able to uncover the layers of high-level corruption perpetrated by those who have found their way into power.

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