Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Presence of God

I, the One who lives, Am
Where can you go Son of Man, Daughter of Woman
Where I am not there?
Does not every ocean know the river?
Does not every sea reflect the heavens?
What fool is there that thinks he is his own and master of his heart?
For I have formed you from the sands and the sea and from the stars around you.
Can any of you control a moment or catch a piece of wind?
So it is that you are my offspring and beholden to Me.
Why do you complain of your yoke that I have gently placed upon you,
That you so anxiously desire to spurn?
For I have not come to load you with heavy and hard burdens.
For I say to you that you must remove them, for they are yours.
And even your sandals
That my shores may reach your feet to caress them.
My abode is at your right hand, on your head, and by your side.
You think you can touch me only in your deepest thoughts,
When I am also your brother's eye
Your sister's breasts and the arms of your lovers.
I have traveled the paths of the forests before you
And worn down the stones on the road
So you may walk on them together
And walk with Me in joy.

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