Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Possible Shia/Western Alliance?

Look out King Abdullah of Saudiland, Emir Al-Sabah of Kuwait and the UAE! Iran and the U.S. may be on a path to co-align against Wahhabi Islam which has promoted the radical ideology that undergirds the asymmetrical tactics used by Sunni insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan. A Shia/Western alliance would not only defuse the tensions between Iran/Hezbollah and U.S./Israel but would help to improve our relations with Russia and China, as well. There would be one hell of a power and resource sharing coup if such an alliance developed. The Iraq war would essentially end and those nasty Taliban would be driven back to where they belong, in Waziristan and the Palestinians might then finally find peace a viable alternative to the internal and external conflicts ravaging their people. This may sound crazy on the surface but alliances in the region have tended to come and go like desert sandstorms and politics often turns on a dime. Such a power-sharing arrangement would get most of our military the hell out of the Middle East and keep the world's oil flowing and may even force the Sunnis to sue for peace so they too could get a piece of the action. Now that the neocon agenda is in complete disrepute everywhere it is possible that a minority of level-headed legislators in Congress would be able to move the national agenda from one of extending empire to a more reasonable, peaceful one that would be more inclusive and tolerant of others, one that would persue diplomacy instead of constant war, which we no longer can afford to wage in an overseas sinkhole of lost lives and treasure. Congress, on the other hand, which is largely in the pockets of multinational corporations and the military industrial complex, generally follows in lock-step with them in advocating for and implementing regime change in countries which are considered threats to their patrons' interests and very few legislators have awakened to the vastness of the corporate war propaganda machine. These few include people in all levels of government as well as individuals and groups that have the guts to provide an alternative view to the one parotted my the mass media. The official agenda is that we live in a bi-polar world with Judeao-Christianity on one side and monolithic Islam on the other. It is one in one which westerners are on God's side, saving the world from an insidious Muslim world takeover whose agenda by nature seeks to eliminate all values which we hold near and dear to our hearts. Islamic thinking though, is far from monolithic and is evidenced by an extremely bloody four year Sunni insurgency which has ethnic cleansing and the elimination of ideologies contrary to its own as its goal. In this sense, America and even Israel pose a far less threatening problem for Iran than does the worldwide maniacal aspirations of Al-Qaeda and other likeminded terrror groups.

There are Shia outside of Iraq such as in Pakistan that are also under tremendous pressure from Wahhabism's policy of eliminating heresies through unrelenting suicide bombings and other forms of terror, many of which we rarely hear about, so to attack Iran for the purpose of eliminating their much harped nuclear threat could have the undesired effect of driving these natural enemies together into a temporary coalition to flush us out from Iraq and the larger oil-rich Middle East. Now we all know the Shias are no saints and may even envision the coming Mahdi at some future time wiping out the West but many of them in power in Iran are also practical and have the ability to sense a good business deal if it perchance came their way. We westerners are no angels either and have a long history of provocateuring conflicts so let’s not have any illusions about ourselves. Most of us are able to smell the stinking elite rat filth that enabled 9/11, the Waco horror and the destruction of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. What I'm referring to if you haven't guessed is the shadow government and it's secret-agent psy-op machine that rallies people to go vigilante against imaginary Orwellian enemies.

The Iranian Shia know they can't defeat us westerners either ideologically or militarily but they do know who really wants to defeat them and wants them dead, who seek to wipe out the Shia religion to the very last man and woman. We could choose to use intrigue to set them against one another which would be contrary to our national interests or we could make the wiser choice and pluck peace from the edge of annihilation and finally tame the beast of war for at least a short while. The future is waiting for us to make decisions that will calm national tensions and improve the lives of future generations and I believe the time for making them is now. How many people worth their salt would really want a third world war anyway? Not many people I know. Let's make it a done deal and finally make peace with Iran. Middle East peace is far from being an impossible dream!

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