Friday, March 16, 2007

The Human Spark

I like to think sometimes
When all my thoughts are focused
Where all your thoughts might be
How you envision clouds and sun
And all the places where you run

There is a truth that speaks to me
When I'm still and serene
Like a teacher in red apple dress and sweet color green
Instructing me in enveloping embrace
Not to worry, no, not to worry

We are traveling separately, yet we are together
I on my path and you on yours
Sometimes we see each other through fences
Catching movements with heightened senses

Alike and different in myriad forms
A sound spins like a whirling funnel
And all creatures that hear the sound are afraid
But we surrender to it
And the dust falls where it longs to sit

So here on the open ground, we rise to greet each other
Knowing the plan will unfold as it will
We walk toward the same destination
Sparked by the fire of human inspiration


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