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Without a valid and sensible starting point from which to deliver and communicate information relating to world affairs, the exercise of evaluating all media and especially popular media devolves into a journey into a black vortex from which little truth can enter or escape. The major outlets furnish the contextual framework so that what is disseminated coalesces into meaning for the reader, listener or viewer and creates a paradigm of what is real and unreal from thread woven in a machine that has as its power source a pureness of purpose from a gospel of wealth. It is what inhabits this paradigm that remains mostly secret, arcane and inaccessible to the typical consumer. Consumers of media must therefore maintain their own frame of reference for everything that is made known to them as news for without the correct context it is nearly impossible to accurately select and dissect the information that is delivered to us. The wealthy and powerful wield the tools of their trade in such an exacting way that unless one has begun an initiation into the rarefied atmosphere of cultic media, there can be no real understanding of the purposes that these illusionists aspire to.

I'm a habitual news viewer that unfortunately grants me no more access to truth aside from occasional novel factoids that are available to anyone else. The experience is somewhat like observing some bad-natured corner-sitting animal that requires my perfunctory ministrations to keep it in physical balance as it sends me back information. It morphs from one day to the next, changing little. I just passively let it do its dulling work on me and I feel worn from watching it. From one day to the next I consume these displays of want and fear that are generated and packaged to catch my attention like angry teeth set in a jaw whenever I approach them and all from confident, attractive faces and voices. At once there is the tensing of nerves and muscles from disquiet as things appear to evolve from terrible to horrible with the only saving grace possibly emanating from a new Leader who promises somehow to make things better for me and the other Mr. and Ms. Averages out there. The flow is from cold to hot, hopeful to hopeless and I experience a palpable feeling of being suckered into THE intended mindset – the Network’s.


The Earth is, as so many other objects and concepts in the universe are circular or at least elliptical or cylindrical like so many other shapes that have their beginnings as end points. We have circles of friends that intersect other circles of other friends and associates. Materials are recycled or “recircled” as we go about disposing and re-accumulating the things we need or those we think we need. The grocer waits for the supplier's truck to stock his or her shelves and another truck lies in wait to dispose of things that are past date which are then re-boxed with the same cardboard that served the former supply function. Planets have revolved around their suns and those suns around galaxies and in their interstellar dance have created cosmic events that ultimately caused life to appear on earth. On the microcosmic level, energy makes a transfer to particles, then back to energy and that interplay gives weight and bulk to all that is and we are aware of these transactions only to the extent that our minds allow. Existence, therefore, can be understood as being dimensionally circular.

As we observe our world through the lens of corporate-controlled media, we are invited to make assumptions about social issues, the economy, politics and other ideas that exert their gravitational forces upon us. Primetime network news, for example, usually provides the barest essentials from which to make assessments about the events of the day and each time the earth makes another spin in its circle around the sun, an infinity of causes create another infinity of effects of which we are blissfully unaware (though the propagandists would have us think otherwise.) Unless we have alternative sources of information from books or other forms that remain on the outskirts of popular culture, there remains a scant amount of clay to form the pot and the mind dwells in inertia from a lack of salient input. Metaphorically, we live apart in infinitesimally small towns with mile-high walls that let in little sunlight or most any other kind of light for that matter. Outside the town walls, very far away, lie the institutional machines within huge cities that manufacture reality for us through technology and let it be said that there will probably be no shortage of technology at least for the foreseeable future. We have little if any opportunity to input anything critical back into the system in order to make any real changes to it and due to structural factors, we are forced to accept a scant role in influencing the goings-on in the smaller, highly insulated circles of power. In essence there exists an order of circles within circles. If viewed side-on, a cone-shaped structure can be seen with the smaller, more powerful circles moving upward to its apex. This model can also be compared to the pyramidal shape with the floating eye of providence that appears on the dollar bill. The eye on the detached capstone also emanates light-rays that allude to the power at the highest levels of the social structure. There are two inscriptions: Annuit Coeptis (Approve Our Undertakings) and Novus Ordo Seclorum (A New Order of the Ages). The question I ask is, what is supposed to be the nature of that providence? Is it God, Man or the Devil or some combination of the three? Anyway, it seems logical that the base of the structure, the supporting entity, should be formed from the Intent and Will of the People, rather than the opposite where the elites control the masses.


Without an understanding of just who is who in government, industry and banking, we are relegated to taking our places in whatever circle within the many existent rings within the paradigm that has been fashioned for us and thus we are disabled by default in changing our reality. Yes, we can vote or promote any candidate we want to but it has taken a long time for the elites to build up the power structure as it now is and defeating those in the innermost circles (or at the top of the pyramid) is an extremely daunting task without the emergence of efficient and focused coalition-building. One can move further inside the circle to effect change but the deeper one goes the more vulnerable one also becomes to the corrupting influences of power.

Things are rarely what they appear to be at first glance. People look to those in authority to help them improve their lives materially. Often however, those in power are exactly those we don’t want to depend on for making our lives better. Many of our so-called leaders and elites are ripe and ready to pour out bile upon the earth in buckets. We may end up electing them, but to our last breath we must avoid cowering and acquiescing before them. In fact, we must see with clarity through all the magical tricks employed to distort our perceptions and learn to become ever more critical of what is said and done in the media. It is therefore incumbent upon all to combine forces in order to win as many battles as possible in the war against a mind-bending oligarchy by electing only ethical leaders to public office.

I believe that God is with us when we try our very best both individually and collectively. When things seem most hopeless often the fires of the human spirit burn the hottest. Ordinary people move to accept the challenge and become inspired to accomplish remarkable things. They begin to check up on those they elected and call them to task.

The meek, I believe, will ultimately inherit the earth home. Greed and depravity cannot and will not be allowed to prevail. Within the great spheres of human effort, destiny may even have fore-ordained a return to the likeness of an Eden, a place that exists simultaneously both at the beginning and at the end in our circles of perception.

Luke 18:14 …For the proud will be humbled, but the humble will be honored."

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