Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why the Stimungulous?

The stimulus package is funded by the money-center banks who own the Federal Reserve and other central banks. The Fed then loans money to the Government that taxpayers must repay with interest back to the Fed.

Jobs must be created for people so they can survive to pay taxes. Those taxes include the interest on the money the Fed creates. No jobs and people become discontented and question their government's ability to manage the country.

The reason jobs are flying away is due to a transfer of wealth from responsible individuals and businesses to those in the highest levels of power. New financial instruments that were of supposedly low-risk were created to maximize profits for large investors. Those instruments were so complicated and inscrutable that not even the most highly regarded economists could understand them. Their creators of these and their investors assumed that assets would always appreciate but if by chance they didn't, the risk incurred by the falling values of these packaged investments would be diluted enough that investors who lost some of their money would still stay in the game. What the whiz-kid creators didn't count on was that people would actually have some backbone and get supremely ticked-off and not jump off roofs when the going got bad. They were so enamored with their self-perceived brilliance that they became over-confident with the computer models that THEY invented. As Greenspan admitted, the models were “flawed” and buggy. They did not factor in the worst-case scenario, that all the bad loans were created would come back to bite them hard.

So the Fed in concert with the government comes up with a 'Stimulus Package' designed to inject capital back into the system so that people would invest again. Trouble is, people don't have much confidence in the experts anymore after 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Katrina, the TARP bank bailouts and are questioning whether markets are really free. People are recognizing that the system is a rigged game and are rightfully upset and they know that new taxes for green energy projects are just around the corner. Al Gore will see to that.

So the government in collusion with the Fed fires up the printing presses and creates a stimulus package that doesn't help the average person but does enrich those who benefit from the political structure and in turn, benefit it with campaign contributions. So it is no wonder that the Stimulus will provide oodles of noodles to the well connected, such as those in the Defense Department who lobbied the government last month to provide multi billions of dollars for armored vehicles.[1] But why would the government so vigorously fund the MIC of all things? Because without a potent military to protect vital natural energy and other resources around the world, other countries and competing entities would jettison the dollar in favor of another currency with better backing. The dollar has value only if inspires confidence. If a competitor country like China concludes that it can run the world better than we can, they will no longer buy our Treasuries, in effect, calling in the loans they’ve made to us. That is precisely why the MIC will receive, either directly or indirectly a large share of the Stimulus money in the name of producing jobs. It is to ensure that we maintain control over the world’s natural resources that serve to collateralize the dollar. The military guards the dollar’s collateral by projecting its power throughout the world.

Now, our creditors with their growing militaries will naturally try and take advantage of the many mistakes the United States has made in the recent past. It may take fifteen or twenty years, but eventually the centers of power will relocate and we will most likely become a vassal nation. The heart of the nut here though, is that governments are not power-centers and don’t really run anything but are only the machinery by which the world’s money masters execute policy and programs.

Money-elites and their governments only have power if their peoples allow them to have it. If disenfranchised people become enraged like a stirred-up hive of wasps and rebel against what they see as blatant and pervasive corruption, they will fight back by boycotting the system in an underground economy or by deciding to cast off their masters and free themselves from them through revolt. The powers that be will use every trick and lie in the book to maintain their hold over the minds of the people. They will propagandize 24/7 though big media, they will try to cajole, intimidate and ridicule their critics. They will use divide and conquer strategies so that competing interests fight over limited resources and become unable to form coalitions and organize a resistance. Ultimately the winner of a fight is the one who has the most resolve and access to the best equipment and tactics so unless resistance movements learn to work together to accomplish specific tasks, the money masters will always beset them and have the upper hand. Historically, it has always been that exceptional individuals whether they be ethical or not, rise to the top of the food chain. I hope that the up and coming leaders of justice movements are exceptional, inspiring and wise but it is up to the people to be exceptional as well because if we choose those who only appear to be superficially ethical and are not in actuality, we will be in for many detours on the road to a better America and a saner world.

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